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NYFL Age Verification

Sports Thread is providing age verification and Orange Bowl Youth Football Alliance compliance services for all NYFL Football and Cheer athletes this year.

Age Verification is mandatory for participation in 2024 and can be completed in a few steps. 

Before you begin, please read these important tips: 


1. You will be prompted to input an ID for your athlete. 
          Accepted ID types are:
             -Birth certificates
             -State IDs

2.  Make sure your submit your athlete's ID, do not use your own driver's license.

3. Review the step-by-step instructions below before you start.

4. There is a $10 fee for verifiying your athlete's age to participate in NYFL.


5. Once you review the video, click the "next" button at the bottom of the page.

Steps to complete your athlete's age verification: 

1. Click "Next" at the bottom of the page


2. Select your athlete's association, then age division

3. Select PARENT + ATHLETE if you are new to Sports Thread or LOGIN if you already have an account. (If you LOGIN skip to step 5)


4. Add your PARENT information


5. Add your ATHLETE


6. Select your athlete to register


7. Fill out the league questions


8. Check the liability waiver


9. Complete payment


10. Upload your ATHLETE'S STATE ID OR PASSPORT (ONLY ages 5 and under can use a Birth Certificate)


11. Select your athlete's team


To register multiple athletes, return to the division selection page, select your division, and repeat steps 2, 5-10.


If you have questions, please reach out to:

Click the button below to begin by selecting your athlete's sport and association. 

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